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 Robin's Nest & Eggs


TO BUY: (Costs are approximate)

Available at a Michael's Craft store or A.C Moore

1. Plastalina Clay
        Gray & Turquoise
        1 lb. packages - $4.00

2. Downy white feathers
        1 package - $1.50

Available at grocery store

3. Plastic Baggies
        1 Box of 150 - $1.50


4. Natural Resources:
         Dried grass/tiny twigs/leaves


Before Class:

Divide each of the gray clay bars into four equal
pieces. One pound makes 32 nests.

Divide each of the turquoise clay bars into eight equal pieces.

One pound serves 64 children. Each child can make 
three eggs from their clay allotment.

Simple one class project

1.Pass out the gray clay. Instruct students to soften gray clay with the warmth of their hands.

Form into a ball by circling one hand on top of the other.

2. Push thumb into clay ball and start to enlarge the hole until you have a thin vessel with low sides. A nest!

3. Pass out the turquoise clay. Instruct students to break it into at least three parts. (Some children like really small eggs.)

Again make a ball and this time with your pinky shape one side so it takes on an oval shape.

4. Place bits of straw or twigs in nest. Then place the blue eggs in the nest along with a tiny fluff of feather.

Your nest is complete!


Find something protective to cover for the trip home. Plastic baggies or tiny little boxes. Put on shelf away from babies & dogs.

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