Collaborative Projects With Kids

Photo Cutouts

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Working with students and teachers together, we first research and then create small model-sized settings and appropriate costumes pieces or artifacts. When we combine the images of the students with the background, it creates the illusion of actually being there. Both students and teachers take the photographs. These images can then be used as individual pictures or as a series in an iMovie production.

Video Circus
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In 2010 at the La Motte School in Vermont, we created a miniature circus in a one-week summer camp. We built our posters and tiny sets on Day One. Students spent Day Two as acrobats and tightrope walkers. On Day Three wild animal trainers entered the ring. Day Four was clown day and everybody got into costumes and had their faces painted. On the final day of the week, Day Five, parents came to see the little movie about our circus. This video shows pictures of how we did it and the final results.


From Scratch

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In an after-school settings we have learned to make swings, hammocks, trapezes and rides, our own coloring books, paper dolls, even a small kids circus.

From Scratch projects have also included simple one-time projects such as bird's nests or those that develop into complex multi-faceted wonders like our bathysphere and the surrounding ocean.






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